Who Am I

Hannah Holding Child PictureI am an educator, speaker, workshop facilitator, and the author of seven books on movement and expression. My work is used by schools, family shelters and therapeutic groups as a vehicle through which to help children and youth express themselves, authentically connect with one another and build community.

They are also used as a tool to help educators support youth in learning how to create dance theatre pieces so they may have a voice and connect with their communities about issues that are important to them.

My professional development workshops and books on dance are geared to educators with little to no dance experience and for children of all abilities, who may also be new to movement and dance.

As the founding Director of Dandelion Dance, I combine my dance training with my background in social work. I embrace and support girls and young women of all abilities and backgrounds in discovering their best selves through dance.

Alongside my extraordinary team, I bring girls and young women together for an incredible discovering process through dance and the creation process. We work hard to help each girl discover her fullest potential, helping her to celebrate both her unique capacities as well as the gifts of those around her. It’s an incredible journey for all of us – and I truly feel blessed to have this work, if you can call it that!

The video below shares a bit about my upbringing and background and how this has shaped who I am as an educator and how I have to come to embrace inclusive, celebratory spaces for connection and discovery.

My hope is that my site can also inspire you as you work with the children in your communities using your unique gifts. I love connecting with others, so feel free to connect with me and share your stories and insights into how we can create more connected, creative, and peaceful spaces for children.