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The Art We Create Connected to the Seasons

Easter egg tableThis week my son and I were painting Easter eggs together. This got me thinking about how our art is connected to seasons. Our celebration rituals can be so intertwined with art making.

Seasonal songs, cooking, painting eggs, dancing, and making crafts convey the different ways we celebrate seasons. Festivals, holidays and different religious and cultural events also have a common connection to art making.

I have such strong memories of making chocolate eggs with my family as a child. This was a very long affair and we decorated them so carefully and beautifully. I never thought about it as an ‘artistic experience’ as a child – but I loved it and looked forward to it each year. Looking back now, it was one of the art experiences I enjoyed the most as it was shared with my family – all of us creating together – a rare and special thing.

Next week I am going to a friend’s house for their Naw Ruz celebration (Baha’i New Year). This is something I have done for many years, and although I am not Baha’i, I have enjoyed their annual Naw Ruz pancake party and warm and loving community spirit. Every year they make a piñata together as a family and this is the highlight of the event.

The Joy of Creating Seasonal Art Together

Kids and piñataWe always try to guess ahead of time what the piñata will be each year. They have told me how much they enjoy making this together as a family. The community around them, both old and young, have so much fun admiring the piñata, all the work and creativity that went into making it, as well as the smashing of it.

Come to think of it, much of the art making that we do around festivals, seasons, and religious and cultural events is temporary art. It usually gets eaten, hung up just for that season. In the case of the piñata, it gets smashed! Maybe that is part of what makes it so special. The art is created not as a ‘forever’ precious item, but freely, usually with others, often with family, and in the spirit of celebration.

I have the joy of creating with students every week. Most of what we do is simply for the moment. I see how close it brings us together, and how connected we feel when we create something together.

So, for those who will be celebrating Easter, Spring or Naw Ruz or anything else in the next while, enjoy your celebration. Consider making art with those around you.

May it taste yummy or be inspiring or make you laugh. May the process of creating bring you closer together as a family, friends or class!


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