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How to Mentor Healthy Emotional Growth In Kids

Many years ago I read the book, ‘Hold Onto Your kids’ by Dr. Gordon Neufeld. It resonated with me so deeply that I instantly wanted more. I looked into this work and began studying right away at the Neufeld Institute. The first course I took, in person in Montreal, was a one-week intensive called, ‘Making Sense of Kids’.

book-Hold On to Your KidsSitting in a large conference room with parents, educators and therapists, I felt I had finally found my people! I was struck by how much these teachings resonated with my intuition and the emotional growth work I had been doing with children over the years.

The new paradigms presented helped me, as well, to see stuck behaviour in children in a new light. I felt so grateful for having found this community.

For the past few years now, I have had the joy of taking summer intensives, as well as courses on-line and in person. My husband, hearing me chat non-stop about the work of Neufeld, decided to ‘catch up’ to me. He took the learning courses on-line until we were at the same course level.

Dad holding son on shouldersWe were then able to attend the week long Masters course together called, ‘Becoming Attached’, on Vancouver Island last summer. It was incredible to do this work together as a couple. It cemented for me how important this paradigm is as I work with the girls and young women at Dandelion, with educators in the community, and also within my own family.

In fact, I found this work so important to understanding developmental psychology and the healthy emotional growth of children that at Dandelion, we now have made Level 1 part of the mandatory training for all our teachers.

I want to share with you an editorial by Dr. Gordon Neufeld called, “A Playful Approach to Discipline.”

There are also many other courses being offered at the Neufeld Institute (in person or on-line).


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