Neufeld Institute




Apr 16 - 18 2021


09:00 - 16:00

Annual Neufeld Conference 2021

If you are looking for more insight and support with how to bring the attachment-based developmental approach to life in your parenting, teaching or with your clients, this is the conference to attend! There is an incredible lineup of keynotes, speakers and topics explored, you can check them out at the link below.

I am looking forward to offering two open dialogue sessions with my co-author, Tamara Strijack. We are holding one session on Creating Playgrounds for Emotional Expression and the other on our book, Reclaiming our Students: Why Our Students Are More Anxious, Aggressive and Shut Down Than Ever ­­– And What We Can Do About It, as well as the accompanying Inside-Out Activity Guide.

These open dialogues are a great opportunity to meet and have the space to ask your specific questions on what this might look like in your own teaching or learning community. These dialogues tend to be lively discussions that can create a sense of warm sharing and togetherness, which can help us to feel connected with like-minded educators and build our village. Love to see you there!


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