Fredericton, NB


Nov 02 2023

Becoming The Leader Our Students Need: Creating The Best Conditions For Growth And Learning

Open to the public. Hosted by The Canadian Association of Immersion Professionals (ACPI) Conference.

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Children and youth are more anxious, aggressive, and shut down than ever. When we understand what is happening under the surface, it helps us to see what our students need. Kids need a place to feel safe and a safe place to feel.

Emotional safety is not only the foundation of all learning, it is the foundation of developmental growth and discovery. But what type of leadership helps kids to feel safe? And how can we as educators build relationships with even our most challenging students? How can we create a culture of cascading care?
This talk will support participants in understanding how to build, feed, protect, and extend the student-teacher relationship, transforming school cultures from the inside out. Discover the vital importance of your caring leadership in the lives of children and why it is needed now, more than ever.

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