Richmond, BC


Aug 25 2023

Power of Play: Exploring the Vital Role of Play in Emotional Health and Learning & Becoming the Leaders our Students Need

Educators/EA’s from Richmond Christian School. Please see your school board or school admin for more information.


The research is clear: young children learn best through play. In this workshop, we’ll unpack the science behind why play is the perfect medium for young children to learn about their world. We will explore how play increases natural curiosity and engagement with learning, bolsters communication skills, lowers anxiety and aggression, builds resilience and fosters social and emotional health. We will provide key strategies for how to create a nourishing play-based environment as well as practical applications and playful activities we can use to support children in deepening and digesting their earning. Discover fluid, nonlinear and indirect ways to harness the power of how young children learn and grow best – through play!

Intended for: Primary Educators Pre-K to grade 6

Topics (Half-Day):

  • Understand the science behind the importance of play-based learning for young children.
  • Learn strategies to engage young children in exploring, developing, and building essential language and conversation skills that support vocabulary acquisition and communication.
  • Develop frameworks for creating a nurturing, play-based learning environment at school.
  • Gain insight into the link between the loss of play and the increase in behavioural and emotional health problems we are seeing in children.


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