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Apr 12 2023


All Day

Parent Night: Hold Onto Your Teens

Workshop by invitation only.


This seminar will support participants in understanding adolescents from the inside-out. Although every adolescent is an individual, there are some common dynamics that affect all adolescents. Understanding what these dynamics are can provide the keys for knowing how to deal with the problems that may arise. We will examine the construct of counterwill, exploring the topic of teen resistance – where it comes from, what its
purpose is and how we can recognize when rebellion is healthy or a result of adults being replaced by peers. We will look to ways that we can come alongside our teens to make more room for their thoughts, ideas, values and preferences as they more fully come to discover themselves. Participants will learn strategies for building relationships with teens as well as how we can protect and maintain those relationships during challenging times. We will look to how we can use the extraordinary power of relationship to help us to build a ‘village’ of support for the adolescents we work with so that we may come together to support them on their journey to maturity.

Insights shared in this workshop are based on developmental science and the relational approach of Dr. Gordon Neufeld.

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