Emotional health in our Classrooms


Hannah Beach




Aug 27 2020

Emotional Health in Our Classrooms

Why children are more anxious, aggressive, and shut-down than ever and how we can create the conditions for change.

Why are we seeing these challenges more and more?
What can we do about them?

Every professional I know that works with children is asking these questions. As individuals, we have more power to effectively respond to these challenges than we sometimes believe. But, in order to create the conditions for change, we must first understand the emotional drivers underlying the surface behaviours that we all see in our daily work with children.

This half-day professional development workshop supports educators in bringing the Dandelion Approach™ to their classrooms to bring about change for their students and learning community. Insights are drawn from the attachment-based developmental approach of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, which supports participants to understand the why so that they can better understand how to effectively respond to challenging individual behaviours and group dynamics in their classrooms.

What is the Dandelion Approach™?

The Dandelion Approach™ is a relationship-based experiential approach to supporting emotional health in children and youth. On the cutting edge of socially innovative programming, this approach is rooted in the fundamentals of childhood development and attachment theory. It provides teachers and helping professionals with insights, strategies and applications to support the emotional health and well-being of children and learning communities.

“I want to thank you for your heartfelt keynote address. As I looked around the room everyone had the same look on their face – one of sheer awe and respect for what you do with students who may never have had a voice… You are truly a wonderful educator, a compelling speaker, and a very special person.

You are a huge inspiration. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house during your presentation.”
– Beverly Bonk (Conference Chair) CODE Conference, Blue Mountain Ontario

Workshop Format

Insights and ideas to change your learning community.

This seminar supports participants in understanding the emotional drivers behind anxiety and aggression.

We will look at where it comes from and why we are seeing it more and more in children. We will explore the conditions needed to bring anxiety to rest, lower aggression, as well as awaken caring in our most shut-down students.

About the Facilitator

Hannah Beach is an award-winning educator, author, keynote speaker, and community-builder. As a long-time advocate for supporting children’s emotional health and as the creator of celebrated experiential  discovery programs at Tournesol and Dandelion Dance™, Hannah was recognized as one of five featured change-makers in Canada by the Canadian Human Rights Commission in 2018. Her I Can Dance series, consisting of six books that support the emotional health of children through movement, play, and expression, won the 2017 GOLD International Moonbeam Children’s Book Award (Books with Music/Theatrical), and has been adopted by multiple English- and French-language school boards across Canada.


Hannah created such a safe, non-judgemental space for all workshop participants. I found the activities both incredibly useful, as well as inspiring. Learning about the theory underlying each activity from a developmental psychology perspective was paradigm shifting for me. The experience has truly changed how I support my students, every day.

– C. Springfield, Teacher Head of Student Guidance Joan of Arc Academy – Ottawa, Ontario

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