Emotional health in our Classrooms


Hannah Beach


School District 68
Nanaimo, BC


May 29 2020


FREE to K-7 schools in School District 68

Emotional Health in Our Classrooms

Why children are more anxious, aggressive, and shut-down than ever and how we can create the conditions for change.

Online Workshop

Why are we seeing these challenges more and more?
What can we do about them?

Every professional I know that works with children is asking these questions. As individuals, we have more power to effectively respond to these challenges than we sometimes believe. But, in order to create the conditions for change, we must first understand the emotional drivers underlying the surface behaviours that we all see in our daily work with children.

This online professional development workshop supports educators in bringing the Dandelion Approach™ to their classrooms to bring about change for their students and learning community. Insights are drawn from the attachment-based developmental approach of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, which supports participants to understand the why so that they can better understand how to effectively respond to challenging individual  behaviours and group dynamics in their classrooms.

This seminar supports participants in understanding the emotional drivers behind anxiety and aggression.

We will look at where it comes from and why we are seeing it more and more in children. We will explore the conditions needed to bring anxiety to rest, lower aggression, as well as awaken caring in our most shut-down students.

Sponsored by VIHA

This professional development workshop is FREE to K-7 schools in School District 68 (space permitting) and made possible with support from the Vancouver Island Health Authority. Bookings are available from October 2019 to June 2020.


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