Oct 25 2023

Becoming the Leader our Students Need: Creating the Best Conditions for Growth and Learning

Open to the Public.



Supporting the mental health and well-being of our students requires the involvement of the entire school community. This session will focus on how to effectively create the best conditions for growth and learning by prioritizing the emotional safety of our students.

Children and youth are experiencing more anxiety, aggression, and emotional shut down than ever before. As educators, it is essential that we understand what is happening under the surface and provide students with a safe and secure learning environment where they feel valued and supported.

In this talk, participants will learn how to cultivate strong relationships with their students, including the most challenging ones, and create a culture of cascading care that extends throughout the school community. By prioritizing emotional safety, participants will discover how their leadership can transform school cultures from the inside out, resulting in improved outcomes for students.

Join us to explore the vital importance of caring leadership in the lives of children and learn why it is needed now, more than ever.

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