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Sep 17 2024


All Day

Parent Evening: The Kindergarten Workshop: creating the best conditions for growth and learning

Parent Evening – All Ottawa Catholic School Board Parents Welcome!

The Kindergarten Workshop: creating the best conditions for growth and learning

This is the workshop that every kindergarten family needs to attend. At the OCSB we see ourselves as a ‘village.’ We want to work alongside every family so that we can come together to support your child to become their best selves. Part of this means embarking on your child’s school journey with us, as a team. How your child starts school can have a great effect on their feelings about themselves as a learner.

Hannah Beach has been travelling the globe supporting educators and families as they come together to explore the science behind how young children learn best – through relationship and play! We are excited as a board to be working alongside Hannah and we invite you to join us for this important workshop.

Join Hannah for a warm and conversational workshop exploring practical strategies we can use to support our children to thrive. Western culture has replaced play with entertainment. We are now seeing the emotional side effects of the loss of play in the lives of children as aggression and anxiety in our young is at an all-time high. Faced with this epidemic of emotional health crises and behavioural problems, kids are struggling and parents are exhausted.

We will delve into how play reduces aggression, lowers anxiety, supports learning and builds resilience. And we’ll explore the emotion behind aggression so that we can jump off the exhausting hamster wheel of trying to fix behaviours over and over again – and instead look at how we can work towards lasting change.

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