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Reading for the love of it 2023
Toronto, Ontario


Feb 23 - 24 2023


All Day

The Emotional Roots of Aggression and Anxiety – and What We Can Do to Support Change and Build Resilient Kids

Children are more anxious, aggressive, and shut down than ever. We were seeing these shifts before COVID 19 and now it is only intensified. Faced with this epidemic of emotional health crises and behavioural problems, teachers are asking themselves how they can create the conditions for change. Based on her best-selling book, Reclaiming Our Students: Why Children Are More Anxious, Aggressive, and ShutDown than Ever – and What We Can Do About It, this workshop will support educators with trauma-sensitive strategies for how to build, nurture, and protect the student-teacher relationship, even with the most difficult students. We will address why children are displaying more challenging behaviours than ever, and what we can do to address these issues at their root. We will explore how we can help our students to shift their identity as the “problem student” or “bad kid.”
Join Hannah for an engaging and powerful workshop that will re-energize you as an educator and help you understand the vital importance of your leadership, needed now more than ever.
INTENDED FOR: Primary 1-3

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