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Jan 25 2024


16:00 - 18:00



Understanding Adolescence from the Inside-Out

Open to the public.

Understanding Adolescence from the Inside-Out

Crossing the bridge from childhood to adulthood has never been so daunting. The time of adolescence is longer than ever and yet society today offers little support in understanding or facilitating this transition.
Many teens are anxious and glued to their phones/devices, seeking endless distraction and feeling isolated and disconnected. Aggressive outbursts have become common and yet others seem to have stopped talking all together. As parents and educators, we can find ourselves increasingly alarmed. We entice, cajole, bribe, encourage, shout, but nothing seems to work long term. We may wonder if this will last forever. Is there a way through?
This workshop will support participants in understanding adolescence from the inside-out. Although every adolescent is an individual, there are some common dynamics that affect all adolescents. Understanding what these dynamics are can provide the keys for knowing how to deal with the problems that may arise. We will explore the topic of teen resistance – where it comes from, what its purpose is and how we can recognize when rebellion is healthy or a result of adults being replaced by peers. We will look to ways that we can come alongside our teens to make more room for their thoughts, ideas, values and preferences as they more fully come to discover themselves.
Participants will learn strategies for building relationships with teens (yes, even the really prickly ones!) as well as how we can protect and maintain those relationships during challenging times. We will explore some of the cultural changes that are making the transition from childhood to adulthood harder than ever. And finally, we will look at how we can use the extraordinary power of relationship to help us support our youth on their journey to maturity.
Insights shared in this workshop are based on developmental science and the relational approach of Dr. Gordon Neufeld.
*Suitable for educators, helping professionals and parents – anyone that leads and loves youth! Parents of pre-teens may find this workshop supportive as preparation for what lies ahead.


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