Aggression, anxiety, and attention problems are all too prevalent in our society.

When you understand at a deep level what causes certain behaviours, you can learn to read what’s needed for change. Hannah will help you transform your school or community program by helping you understand what is going on, why kids are so anxious and aggressive right now. She helps educators understand what is behind the challenging behaviours they see, so that they can address the root causes (and not just the behaviour) to support lasting change.

Hannah is already widely known for her inspiring, authentic and practical keynote talks, which she is now delivering across the globe. Your school or organization will also benefit from hands-on workshops and embodied experiences that move you into the deep work of learning how to facilitate activities in the classroom that can lower aggression/anxiety, awaken empathy and build relationship and community.

Hannah Beach Keynote


If you are looking for a keynote address that will leave your audience with a renewed sense of purpose, I would love to hear from you.

Workshops with Hannah Beach


I offer workshops to educators, parents and helping professionals to help them understand the why and how of effectively responding to challenging individual behaviors and group dynamics in learning environments of all kinds. Both in-person and Zoom options available.

Consultations with Hannah Beach


  • Looking to support your most stuck students?
  • Want to shift your school culture?
  • Need support with implementing play-based learning in your school or child-care setting?

I walk alongside educators and share insights that can help them understand what’s behind the behaviour and how to help, both in the moment as well as long term.

Train-the trainer

Discover the transformative power of experiential activities by experiencing it yourself first.

Insights and ideas to transform learning communities everywhere.

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