Why Children Are More Anxious, Aggressive, and Shut Down Than Ever—And What We Can Do About It

This online video series is a companion guide that will put principles into action for community program leaders and change-makers around the world that want to create lasting change from the inside-out!

Children are more anxious, aggressive, and shut down than ever.

We were seeing these shifts before COVID 19 and now it is only intensified. Faced with this epidemic of emotional health crises and behavioural problems, working with kids has become more challenging than ever.

That’s why we built this series.

This 12- session online educational series is a trauma-sensitive guide to creating the conditions for change. It empowers those who lead children and youth with attachment-based strategies to restore their caring leadership role and build emotional safety in their programs. We shed light on what is behind some of the challenging behaviours we see, and look to practices that can help us restore and awaken caring feelings in our children and youth.

Be part of something bigger

By joining this series your team will be part of a community of change-makers from all around the world! We look forward to guiding you and your team through this series.

What’s included

12 Video Sessions

Strategies to shift and support children and youth.

75 Minutes

Each session is approximately 75 minutes in length.

Individual or Group

Learn at your own speed or in a group setting.

Use Any Device

Take your course on the go on any phone, tablet, or computer!

Make Your community programS stand out!

In this series your team will learn:

  • How to be trauma-informed and attachment based leaders so that they can help ALL kids reach their full potential.
  • How to build, feed, and protect the relationships with the kids they work with.
  • Why children are anxious or bossy, aggressive or checked out, and what leaders can do to address these behavioral issues at their root.
  • How to help children and groups shift their identity as the “problem child” or “bad class”.
  • To understand what’s behind the behavior & how to help.
  • How to create the conditions for change.
  • How we can build thriving learning communities.

Designed for the individual and groups

We offer several options for you to customize your professional development experience and get support in the ways that work best for your team.

Maybe your staff just want to know more about one topic.

Or perhaps they wish for a few sessions to explore a broader theme.

Perfect. Group viewings of the material may be what you want. Get together with your team, explore a topic and discuss!

On the other hand, you may be ready to dive in for the whole discovery journey and purchase a site-license so that your whole team can learn together or individually, at their own pace.

With site-licenses, individuals can access the material on their own, at their own time and get support as they need it. They can visit the material over and over again when challenging behaviours pop up and they need a refresher. Site-licenses also include as many group viewings as you like!

Whether you wish to dip a toe in the water or fully immerse yourself or your team – we welcome you!

We understand that every organization is unique. We can help you customize a learning package that will specifically meet the learning needs of your team.


Join us as we move from insight into practice and transform our community programs from the inside out.

 Topics we’ll be covering on your

journey to becoming a change-maker

From stuck to unstuck: creating the conditions for change

Session 1: Learning to read what’s needed for change

Session 2: Creating an environment of emotional safety

Session 3: Becoming the leader our students need

Understanding what’s behind the behavior & how to help

Session 4: Not safe to feel: unpacking the role of emotion and defense
Session 5: Aggression: what’s behind the behavior & how to help
Session 6: Anxiety: what’s behind the behavior & how to help
Session 7: Attention problems: what’s behind the behavior & how to help
Session 8: Resistant or bossy: what’s behind the behavior & how to help
Session 9: Shut down or bully behaviour: what’s behind the behavior & how to help

Towards thriving students and learning communities

Session 10: Shifting the negative identity of a child or a group
Session 11: Waking up: Restoring and awakening caring feelings
Session 12: Creating a village

Be a part of a community of  change-makers from all around the world!


“Essential for educators and for all concerned with the mentoring of our young.”

Gabor Maté, MD, CM, International best-selling author of Scattered Minds

"Thank you both for the most valuable Professional Development series. I have been relishing each week more and more! The power of your activities in releasing expression and activating caring feelings has been so remarkable to witness. I also really loved hearing you talk about holding positive belief in our children and seeing their potential now. Thank you very much for sharing your insight and experience."

Anna Freedman, Design Thinking Coach for Children & Young People, London, UK

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Thomson Polan, CEO @ Caramal Digital Studio

We have two options for you

2 Year Site License

What are the benefits of having a site license?


Your organization will have support for your staff that is accessible, approachable and science-based. They will have content that will not only provide them with new insights, but with practical tools that they can use daily in their programs. But it’s never just about content – program facilitators want training that is delivered meaningfully – in ways that invite them into the change process.

And so we created just that.

Our series is informative, yet conversational. It provides insights into behaviour and where change comes from but also offers practical tools and suggestions so that participants can bring their learning to life right away with the kids they are working with.



Multiple ways to use this site license:


This digital series is a comprehensive resource that guides individual participants and groups through how to create lasting change through the attachment-based developmental approach.

Program facilitators and instructors can access the videos at their own pace and at the time that works best for them. And although this is a 12 part series, each video also works as a stand alone. Participants can skip ahead to topics of interest and watch the material again as needed. And they never have to worry about getting lost as the resource includes a tracking feature that lets them know where they are each time they log in. They can even share insights and supportive comments with one another in the ‘discussion’ section.

Participants can watch the videos in groups – as often as they wish! This can be especially helpful for team meetings, training, or professional development days. Your team can select topics to view together and engage in discussion following the videos.

Program leaders, child and youth workers, instructors, educators, and mentors (anyone who is leading children and youth!) will have a social-emotional digital resource on hand for whenever they are stuck with a specific dynamic or class. They will have easy access to ongoing support that can help them to understand what is going on with the specific challenging behaviors they are experiencing, how they can build relationship with their toughest students, how to help kids who are stuck seeing themselves as ‘bad’, and how to build the thriving learning community of their dreams.

Group Viewings

What are the benefits of group viewings?


Sometimes our staff just want to know more about one topic or they are looking for a few sessions to explore a broader theme to share with their colleagues or peers.

Sometimes our staff just want to know more about one topic or they are needing support for a few sessions to explore a broader theme.

Group viewings allow your participants to watch the video(s) in groups – at the date and time you wish! This can be especially helpful for team meetings, training workshops, and professional development days. Your team can select a topic (or multiple topics) to view together and engage in discussion following the videos.



How does it work?


  • Choose your topic(s)


  • Group viewing price is calculated based on group size.  Starting at $297.99 + tax (CAD) per session.


  • A link to the session(s) will be provided to you for a one-time viewing*.


  • On the day of your event/meeting, enter the password and click play. It’s as easy as that!  


Note: Group viewings are only available until the password expires. The expiry date will be determined based on the date of your viewing.


What happens if our viewing date is postponed?

If for some reason your viewing date changes, just email us and we’ll be more than happy to extend your expiry date.

Let’s get started!

Build your customized learning package.

Choose your group size:


  • Pricing reflects a 2 year site license.
  • Upon license expiration, you will have the option of re-purchasing the license for an additional 2 years at the discounted renewal rate of 50% off.
  • All prices in CAD*
  • If you purchased a package and would like to simply add on a few participants, the add-on fee per participant is $100**.


*Tax not included in prices displayed. Tax will be added upon invoicing if applicable.

**Please note, you may upgrade or add on participants at any time within your two-year period, but the 2 year license starts from the original purchase date.

2 Year Site License

Choose the support add-ons that work for you (optional):

* These add-ons may be purchased at any time.

Highly recommended: This PD series is based on the companion book, Reclaiming Our Students: Why Children Are More Anxious, Aggressive, and Shut Down Than Ever—And What We Can Do About It. Many people find it helpful to read the companion book alongside their video experience as it can help to further digest and flesh out the material. Indicate you’d like a bulk order (50+ books) when contacting us below.

For smaller orders (less than 50 copies) visit your local bookstore or go directly to AmazonBarnes & Noble or Indigo to purchase.

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