The understanding of relationship is infinitely more important than the search for any plan of action.

– J. Krishnamurti

Parenting can be a time of exquisite joy, hope, and love. It can also be frustrating, confusing and tiring. I’ve been there.

I love parenting. I have three wonderful children, two of whom are now adults and one teenager still at home.

My love of parenting has carried over into my professional life. For many years, I ran a drop-in program at a family resource centre. And I have helped parents from diverse walks of life to better understand kids through my workshops and keynotes.

But sometimes, a one-on-one approach is needed. Through my parent consulting practice, I help families address their children’s challenging, confusing and troubling behaviours.

As a parent consultant, my overarching goal is to help parents build and preserve joyful, loving relationships with their children – especially when things get tough.

I do not offer prescriptive strategies. I help parents make sense of their children’s behaviours through a developmental perspective inspired by the Neufeld approach. This enables my clients to address the root of the problem – the underlying emotions that drive difficult behaviours.


To find out more about my parent consultations

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Looking for some resources that can offer you insights you as you parent?

Based on the relational developmental approach of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, the below two books offer invaluable insights as well as relationship based strategies to support the unfolding of human potential.

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