Consultations for schools and teachers

Empathic, inclusive and more caring learning communities are within
our reach.

Educators, school administrators, parents and policymakers are increasingly focused on safety and inclusion in our schools and communities.

Sometimes, all it takes is for a single incident in our school to make us realize that something has to change.

I have partnered with Tamara Neufeld Strijack (Academic Dean of the Neufeld Institute and former school counsellor) to advise schools on how to effectively navigate issues like bullying, aggression, anxiety, and apathy.  

Our approach does not focus only on preventing “bad” behaviour or keeping students safe from harm. Our ultimate goal is to support schools of all types to create flourishing learning communities, ones where empathy, inclusion and caring reign.

Tamara and I provide a range of services, from co-facilitating workshops, to reviewing existing programs and advising on the development of new programs that foster the social and emotional growth of all students.

Are you ready to transform your school culture?

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Trauma-informed insights

and ideas to change

learning communities


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