Consultations for schools and teachers

Empathic, inclusive and more caring learning communities are within our reach.

Educators, school administrators, parents and policymakers are increasingly focused on safety and inclusion in our schools and communities.


    • Looking to support your most stuck students?
    • Want to shift your school culture?
    • Need support with implementing play-based learning in your school or child-care setting?

Sometimes we can get stuck when we are inside of a challenging dynamic. It can be hard to see the big picture or imagine a way through. I walk alongside educators and share insights that can help them understand what’s behind the behaviour and how to help, both in the moment as well as long term.

My approach does not focus only on preventing challenging behaviour or keeping students safe from harm. My ultimate goal is to support schools of all types to create flourishing learning communities, ones where empathy, inclusion, curiosity, and caring reign.

Are you ready to transform your school culture?

Let’s discuss.

Insights and ideas to transform learning communities everywhere.

Hannah Beach

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