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Emotional growth is the key to deep,
long-lasting change.

“Hannah’s workshops have always been met with incredible enthusiasm from the educators in our school board. Her workshops have not only deeply inspired our teachers, but also given them the tools to facilitate community-building in their own classrooms. Our educators have learned to help children express themselves and create more empathic learning environments. They have also learned how to build bridges in multicultural learning environments, and support children to celebrate both their differences and shared humanity.

Hannah’s workshops have been invaluable for helping our educators learn how to meet curriculum expectations in an inclusive, safe and meaningful way.”

Jennifer Boudewyn
OCDSB Instructional Arts Coach

More than ever, our schools and communities are trying to foster empathy, inclusion and resilience in children and youth through character education, prescriptive strategies and quick fixes. As problems like apathy, aggression, bullying and anxiety intensify, so does the sense of urgency that something must be done.

But talking to kids about what they should or shouldn’t do isn’t enough.

Trying to inspire them to live by certain values or bribe them into being “good” doesn’t create change.

And attempts to deter “bad” behaviour through threats and punishment do not work for long – in fact, these strategies often make things worse.

So how do you shift a bully’s behaviour? How do you stop destructive behaviour? How do you calm an anxious child? What is the answer?

Kids don’t change just because they know something on an intellectual level. They change through experiences that support their emotional growth. This is what shifts aggression. This is what stops bullying. And this is what helps caring and empathy to flourish.  

The key is to make it safe for kids to feel. We need to help them get back into their hearts.  

Everyone has the power to create emotional safety for the children and youth in their care. You do not have to be a specialist. It is easier than you think!

In my train-the-trainer workshops, participants learn about hands-on, interactive and FUN experiential activities that are specifically designed to help kids feel. Participants gain exposure to relationship-based approaches that are rooted in the arts, movement, outdoor education and social justice, always through the lens of creating the conditions for emotional safety. Most importantly, by trying many of these activities themselves, participants leave my workshops with invaluable insights and the confidence to lead the children and youth in their care through the very same experiences.

Thank you for the most valuable Professional Development workshop!

The power of your activities in releasing expression and activating caring feelings has been so remarkable to witness. I also really loved hearing you talk about holding positive belief in our children and seeing their potential now. Thank you very much for sharing your insight and experience.”

Anna Freedman
Design Thinking Coach for Children & Young People
London, UK

Current train-the-trainer workshop topics include:

  • Transforming school cultures from the inside-out – bringing the learning to life! (Available in full-day or half-day formats)
  • Bringing Child and Youth Anxiety to Rest through Experiential Learning: Insights and Applications.
  • Softening Hardened Hearts: Waking Up our Students to Themselves and Each Other.
  • Emotional Playgrounds: Self-expression, Resilience and Release through the Arts.
  • Supporting Adolescents through Experiential Learning: Insights and Applications.

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