Understanding children
and youth from the inside out.

Anxiety. Aggression. Apathy. Bullying.

Why are we seeing these challenges more and more?

What can we do about them?

Every professional I know that works with children is asking these questions.

As individuals, we have more power to effectively respond to these challenges than we sometimes believe. But, in order to create the conditions for change, we must first understand the emotional drivers underlying the surface behaviours that we all see in our daily work with individual children.

I regularly provide workshops to educators and helping professionals in half-day, full-day and multi-day formats. My goal is to help participants understand the why, so that they can then better understand how to effectively respond to challenging individual behaviours and group dynamics in learning environments of all kinds.

“Hannah, thank you for an amazing PD experience for our school. A week later, our staff are still reflecting on the work that you did with us and the inspiration you provided. Beyond inspiration – your work with us is translating into actions! We already have a new school club for our kids!


Your message about connecting with our students resonated so powerfully. It brought the important work of attachment as well as the importance of our warm leadership, to the forefront for us all. We were reminded that we can make a powerful difference in the lives of our students! We are seeing our students with fresh eyes and a renewed perspective. Thank you for being so relatable, and sharing from your heart.”


Kim Ramsay
Principal, Grey Mountain Primary School
Whitehorse, Yukon

Hannah has a way of blowing your mind, and also showing you that you can do it. The “aha” moments are amazing! The course was such a great reminder of the importance of relationship and how desperately our teens need us!

– Kim Dupuis, Child and Youth Counsellor, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Popular workshop topics include:

  • The Power of Play: Exploring the vital role of play in emotional health and learning
  • “Why won’t they listen to me?”: Becoming the Compass Point in the Classroom.
  • Building Relationship to Become the Leader Kids Need.
  • Un-Stuck: Helping a Child Shed a Negative Self-identity.
  • Un-Stuck: Shifting Negative Group Identities.
  • Creating a Culture that Supports a Thriving Learning Community.
  • Re-defining Safe Schools: What do Emotionally Safe Classrooms Look and Feel Like?
  • Inspiration Is Not Enough: Helping Kids Discover their Capacity and Become their Best Selves through Experiential Education.
  • Softening Hardened Hearts: Waking Up our Students to Themselves and Each Other. (Hands-on workshop component available)
  • The Loss of Play in the Lives of Children: Ramifications and Remedies. (Hands-on workshop component available)
  • Emotional Playgrounds: Self-expression, Resilience and Release through the Arts. (Hands-on workshop component available)

“The course was absolutely fascinating! I learned so much and enjoyed every minute of it. The material was illuminating and also very practical.

If only everyone could take a workshop with Hannah, I think the world would be a better place of understanding, individuality and growth. I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned!”

Natasha Josselyn,
Teacher, Elmwood School

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