Neufeld Conference 2022


Neufeld Aotearoa (New Zealand)


Virtual Conference


Jun 10 - 11 2022


All Day

New Zealand Neufeld Conference Aotearoa – Topic: Reclaiming Our Students

Workshop Description:

Children are more anxious, aggressive, and shut-down than ever. We wereseeing these increases before the pandemic, and for many children and youth,this has only intensified. In order to create lasting change, we need to lookdeeper into the emotional roots of the behavioral challenges we see. Children need a place to feelsafe and a safe place to feel. Based on the book Reclaiming Our Students(co-authored with Tamara Strijack) Hannah will explore trauma-sensitive strategieswe can use to create the emotional safety children need to learn and grow.Let’s reimagine resilience and discover practical ways we can support ourstudents and learning communities on their path towardsemotional health and discovery.


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