Hollyburn Family Services



Jan 05 2021

Private Event: Supporting Emotional Safety for our Children at School- How to advocate for our children during challenging times

It can be so hard when the children in our care experience difficulties at school. Perhaps our child is being bullied. Or maybe they are experiencing outbursts of aggression that are misunderstood by their teachers and the school team. Sometimes we can feel at a loss for what to do to create change. How can we make our voices heard to teachers, school administrators and those that care for our children? How can we best advocate for our children?

This presentation will explore strategies for how to share insights into our child with others that work with them. We will discuss the art of coming alongside and how it can build a community that supports our children’s growth. We will examine practices that can support emotional safety in the classroom so that parents and caregivers have a deeper understanding of what specific support might help their child and how to share these ideas with the school team in ways that can create lasting change.

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